The world of fashion is fascinating and wonderful—there’s a place for everyone to express themselves and find their personal style. Although many people believe fashion consists only of clothing items, you must also consider the vast realm of jewelry, hair ornaments, handbags, belts, hats, shoes, and more. Accessories are an incredible way to take your outfit to the next level without changing your clothes. Follow along for a few helpful tips to find the perfect accessory for any dress.

Decide What You Want To Accent

What you wear has the power to accent different parts of your body. For instance, if you want to show off your awesome hairstyle, consider adding a beautiful clip or headband to your hair. On the other hand, you can accentuate your figure by wearing a thin belt at the smallest part of your waist. Even if you don’t think a particular dress is exactly what you want, you can emphasize different parts of yourself by adding the right accessories.

Choose One Statement Piece

Although accessories are one of the best ways to make a statement, it is possible to say too much. With that in mind, you should avoid wearing multiple statement pieces at one time, as it could make you appear too flashy or ostentatious. Instead, choose one statement piece and complement it with subtle accessories. Suppose you opt for a statement necklace—be sure to wear smaller earrings, choose a simple handbag, and add dainty bracelets to your outfit to let the necklace stand out.

Consider Your Overall Outfit

Choosing your accessories can be daunting, but considering your overall outfit is the best way to make the right choice. Although you can build your outfit around accessories, there are times when choosing the garment first is necessary. If you’re wearing a neutral, low-key dress, you can opt for bold, vibrant-colored accessories. On the other hand, bold colors or patterned dresses call for understated shoes, handbags, and jewelry.

These three tips for finding the perfect accessory for any dress are the best way to style your favorite dresses for any occasion. If you need to add new outfits to your closet, check out an online women’s dress boutique to find your personal style. Various events call for dressing up—be ready to put your beautiful sense of style to work!

February 27, 2023 — Monica Spruiell