Every meaningful experience has a special smell that triggers wonderful memories and joyful feelings. South Candles’ collection offers a variety of fragrances that will take your mind to places and people you love.

Made of slow-burning soy wax, these scented candles will last longer than standard candles, and they’re more sustainable. Soy wax burns more cleanly and releases fewer or no toxins into the air. Fragrance candles can transform a regular room into a peaceful retreat with the scent of memories that evoke happiness and comfort.

Browse our collection of South Candles to find the scents you want for your living room, bedroom, or bath. Our clean-burning soy wax candles will add a touch of southern hospitality to your living space, welcoming guests with the scents of hearth and home. Choose scented candles from South Boutique to complete the sensory experience of your home environment!