Summertime is the perfect opportunity to experiment with bolder fashion choices, and faux leather shorts are making a major fashion statement this season. These shorts and their unique material offer an unexpected blend of edgy style and summer sensibility. The key lies in their versatility—they can be the anchor for looks that range from casual daytime chic to sophisticated evening elegance. Here are three ways to style your faux leather shorts this summer.

Daytime Chic

Faux leather shorts are your ally when the sun’s out and your agenda calls for a look that’s comfortable and stylish. Pair soft, breathable fabrics such as a crisp cotton blouse or a lightweight linen top with your shorts to keep the outfit breezy for daytime affairs and balance faux leather’s textural weight. Your footwear choice can underscore the comfort factor—reach for strappy sandals or your favorite white sneakers. This ensemble is practical and effortlessly stylish, perfect for weekend market runs or leisurely brunch dates with friends.

Evening Elegance

Elevate your faux leather shorts to new glamour heights as dusk falls and the evening’s festivities beckon. Transition your shorts into nightwear by pairing them with a flowy silk camisole or an embellished top, adding a dash of finesse to the ensemble’s inherent coolness. Choose high heels to elongate your legs and create a more polished outfit. Accessorize with a statement clutch and some bold jewelry such as chunky bracelets or elegant drop earrings. With this elegant ensemble, your shorts will help you exude a refined charm that’s apt for a sophisticated dinner or a chic gallery opening.

Weekend Cool

Faux leather shorts come to the rescue during moments when comfort is the number one priority, yet you don’t want to compromise on style. The weekend is the perfect time to play with fashion and infuse your look with a sense of fun. Pair your shorts with a graphic tee or a bright, patterned top to capture that carefree, off-duty vibe. Add a denim jacket and lace-up boots or colorful sneakers, and you’re ready to tackle whatever summer adventures your leisure days might entail.

Faux leather shorts are a versatile piece for nearly any summer outfit. Clever styling allows you to switch between various aesthetics, bridging occasions to provide comfort and style. Use this guide to the different ways to style your faux leather shorts this summer as a starting point to create some of your favorite looks this season. You can find a range of trendy women’s shorts, including faux leather styles, and more summer fashion inspiration at South Boutique.

June 14, 2024 — Blake Spruiell