The ruffled skirt has made its return amid swirling fashion trends, bringing a fresh wave of femininity and flair. This timeless piece, known for its layers and voluminous silhouette, adds a playful yet elegant touch to any wardrobe. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or new to the ruffle game, styling this statement piece can seem daunting. Fear not—here are four ways to style a ruffle skirt to guide you through the process, ensuring you turn heads for the right reasons.

Pull Colors From the Skirt

The first step in styling a ruffle skirt is to decide on a color palette. If your skirt features multiple colors or a vivid pattern, such as a floral pattern, you should select one hue to focus on. This could be a standout color from the design or a more subdued tone within the pattern. By selecting accessories or a top in this hue, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing ensemble.

Choose a Neutral Top To Contrast

Balance is key when working with a statement piece like a ruffle skirt. A neutral top can ground your outfit, allowing the skirt to take center stage without overwhelming your look. Pair these skirts with crisp white blouses, sleek black turtlenecks, or soft beige sweaters. These neutral choices offer a clean canvas against the ruffle’s texture and volume, creating a sophisticated and striking outfit.

Layer Your Ruffle Skirt

Don’t shy away from layering when it comes to styling your ruffle skirt. A structured jacket or tailored blazer can add an element of professionalism, making the skirt suitable for more formal occasions or the workplace. For a cooler vibe, a leather jacket or denim piece can provide a nice contrast to the femininity of the ruffles, lending an edgy touch to a soft silhouette. On cooler nights or during chilly seasons, you can also layer tights or leggings under your ruffle skirt for added warmth.

Pair the Right Shoes and Accessories

The shoes and accessories you choose can define the overall tone of your ruffle skirt outfit. Opt for simple sneakers or flat sandals for a casual daytime look. These down-to-earth shoe choices keep the outfit relaxed and wearable. In contrast, for evening events or formal gatherings, elevate your skirt with a pair of sleek heels or ankle boots. Accessories should complement, not compete with, your skirt. Minimalistic jewelry and a streamlined handbag are all you need to polish off your look since ruffle skirts have a busier appearance.

The ruffle skirt is a versatile and vibrant addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe. Try these various ways to style a ruffle skirt to unlock the full potential of this stylish piece. Remember that fashion is about expressing yourself, so don’t be afraid to experiment and make the ruffle skirt uniquely yours. If you don’t have a ruffle skirt in your own wardrobe yet, browse our selection of boutique skorts and skirts at South Boutique. Find the perfect statement skirt to complete your outfits today.

May 06, 2024 — Chelsey Becraft