Whether you’re dressing for a casual lunch or an outdoor wedding, you can use a romper as the base of your outfit. While you may think shorts and a shirt are much more reasonable, rompers create a unique style and look suitable for various occasions. Styling these garments can be challenging. However, you’ll have a head start by learning about these five pairs of shoes that will match your cute rompers.

Solid-Colored Sneakers

Sneakers can dress down any outfit, and they’re the perfect way to accessorize your romper for a casual brunch or running errands. Although white sneakers are the best option to keep in your closet, it can’t hurt to pair your romper with another solid-colored shoe. For instance, a white or cream romper gives you the opportunity to rock a bold-colored shoe for a unique pop.

Leather Slide Sandals

Leather slide sandals are a popular style for a good reason. They provide a sleek look, but they’re still relatively casual. With that in mind, pairing an adorable floral romper with leather twist slides is the perfect way to dress for a date night or an outdoor barbeque.


Choose leather slide sandals if you need to wear the same outfit from a day event to an evening event; they’re versatile enough to suit countless occasions!

Strappy Sandals

Whether flat or low-heeled, strappy sandals are an excellent shoe option for all of your women’s boutique rompers. Suppose you need to dress up for a wedding or another more formal event. In that case, strappy sandals are the happy medium between wearing pumps and leather slide sandals because they’re somewhat dressy but still comfortable. Finish off the outfit with statement jewelry and a flashy handbag for a more polished look.

Combat Boots

Fall is coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the rompers. In fact, you can pair your favorite solid-colored romper with black or white combat boots for a warmer, edgy look. Consider wearing long, thick socks with your combat boots, and top off the ensemble with a distressed denim jacket or a military-style jacket and simple gold jewelry.

Cowboy Boots or Booties

Rompers come in various styles. In fact, one popular style looks like an adorable mini dress. Pair this style with cowboy boots or booties for the perfect concert or festival outfit. Whether you’re going for a country or edgy look, cowboy boots are the best way to get there! If you want to put an extra western touch on the ensemble, then you should try a fringe jacket and turquoise jewelry.

Now that you know about five pairs of shoes that will match your cute rompers, you’re ready to build an outfit for any occasion. Some believe tops and legwear alone determine the outfit’s overall look. However, changing your shoes can give you an entirely different appearance.

September 06, 2022 — Monica Spruiell