Fashion week season is in full swing, giving us the best preview of fun fashion trends to watch out for in 2024. The runways are flourishing with flair, and the arrival of new styles in stores is certainly something to look forward to in the coming months. Gearing up for the next wave of trends is essential, so here’s a quick guide to anticipated aesthetics and trendy pieces to get you started.

2024 Aesthetics and Trends

There are lots of dominant trends that will define 2024 fashion. This list of fads to follow will surely be eye catching and tasteful.


The hottest thing to hit the runways, balletcore, will be a 2024 standout. This trend pays homage to the dainty and girly look of prima ballerinas. By incorporating everything from flats to ribbons and buns to bows, balletcore is taking the fashion world by storm. Don't let the name fool you—the goal of this look is not to appear as though you are attending a dance class. Balletcore strives to celebrate your definition of femininity with some finesse and edge.

Nostalgic Revival

The fashion world constantly brings back past looks, but nostalgic revival will be in full force come 2024. There will be a resurgence of styles from a collection of eras. Keep your eyes open for 90s grunge, 70s bohemia, and 80s boldness making a comeback. It’s all about taking the best elements from these decades and incorporating them into modern fashion.

Sustainable Chic

The entire world is shifting toward environmentally friendly practices in all industries. The fashion world isn’t exempt from this push for sustainability. Modern designers and style gurus embrace ethical production through recycled materials and innovative fabrics. Due to growing climate concerns, sustainable fashion will take center stage as the textile industry shifts.

Old Money

Simplicity, elegance, and luxury are popular. Despite its name, you don't need abundant wealth to achieve this look. Striving for basic and vintage pieces is key to attaining this sought-after style. Take inspiration from fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana, who opted for no-logo, tailored pieces.

2024 Color Palette

Typically, there’s a clear leader regarding color palettes after fashion week. However, it seems that 2024 will be all over the map. On the runways, we saw many light pastels and nice neutrals. Additionally, brilliant, bold colors will also get much attention from this season's designers. Here’s a list of colors that we predict will be on shelves this year:

  • Lilac
  • Light lemon yellow
  • Earth tones
  • Black and white
  • Tangy orange
  • Bright blue

This wide array of hues will allow you to get creative with your 2024 style, so don't be afraid to add splashes of your favorite colors wherever and whenever you want!

2024 Must-Haves

In a world of diverse fashion trends and a great appreciation of personal style, individuality is something to celebrate. Whether you purchase brand-new items or find yourself sifting through vintage racks, look for some of these pieces to elevate your wardrobe for the coming year!

Fashion Bows

Connected with the ballet-core trend, bows are a perfect addition to any outfit. Several types of this dainty accessory are hitting stores this season, including silk and satin bows. You could even make bows yourself by picking up some ribbons from your local craft store!

Gold Metallics

We have been noticing a rise in the popularity of metallics, specifically golden pieces. Purses, shiny pants, or even a sparkling dress will boost your outfit for a night out.

Thin Belts

Belt fashion has ebbed and flowed, with colors and sizes constantly changing. However, this is the year of thin belts. A simple but effective enhancement, this accessory will raise the elegance and professionalism of any outfit. Be bold and play with colors and styles to change the vibe of your look!

Bomber and Racing Jackets

Anyone who follows fashion trends knows that new jackets come into selection every year. In 2024, we’re predicting an edgy aura in this collection. Bomber and racing jackets vary in pattern and boldness, pushing you to show off some personality with your purchase.

’90s Slip Skirts

A versatile style of the 1990s, the slip skirt creates an undeniably polished look. You can dress it up or down, which makes this a closet must-have. The best part about this piece? It is absolutely timeless, so it is worth every penny!

Belt Bags

This past year, athleisure belt bags had their moment. In 2024, we’re predicting adding high-end belt bags to this craze. Instead of grabbing your trusty purse, opt for a fashionable belt bag. This accessory combines a love for convenience and chicness, as the belt bag doubles as an outfit embellishment and an efficient carryall.

Long Shorts

Long shorts will see a resurgence in 2024, contributing to the old-money aesthetic. This past year, style icons were wearing long denim shorts. However, the trend is shifting to a more sophisticated look. Pleated, tailored shorts that brush your knees are certainly classic. This look was big in the ’80s and ’90s, and old-money fanatics are bringing it back. Try pairing these shorts with a thin belt!

Heeled Boots

Do you want to upgrade your old Chelsea boots or ragged combat boots? Go for a pair of heeled boots. These will subtly dress up any casual outfit, making it a staple in your shoe collection. If you want a big upgrade, grab a pair of knee-high heeled boots. Get creative with styling this crowd favorite.

Mini Skirts

The mini skirt has come back in recent years, varying in pattern and overall flair. A 2024 favorite is sure to be a skort. By tapping into the ballet-core aesthetic and feminine fashion trends, this piece will create a comfortable and cute look in any setting. We recommend looking for your new skort at a local boutique, as these places will cultivate that girly vibe that you’re going for.

Modern fashion is all about embracing fun, creativity, and individuality. Whether you're passionate about sustainability or want to embrace femininity within your style, there’s a trend to suit every style and personality. By recognizing these fun fashion trends to watch out for in 2024, you can make your closet a canvas for your unique personality and tastes. Here at South Boutique, we carry your favorite 2024 trends and more, so be sure to shop around and see what fits you best!

Fun Fashion Trends To Watch Out for in 2024

October 02, 2023 — Monica Spruiell