It's game day! That means it's time to put on some festive gear and get ready to cheer on your favorite team. There are many ways to dress for an indoor sporting event, from jerseys to accessories. If you need athletic-chic fashion inspiration, consider these outfit ideas for indoor sports!

Dress for the Sport

Before selecting your final look, you must be mindful of the event you’re attending. Even though you will be inside, your outfit needs can vary. Attending certain indoor sports will require you to dress differently so that you can remain comfortable.

  • Ice hockey: You will need to bundle up since it can be cold in the arena.
  • Basketball: Basketball arenas tend to be very crowded, so be sure to dress in layers that you can remove if you get hot.
  • Volleyball: Like basketball, volleyball is indoors but often less crowded. It is still important to dress in layers when attending these games!

Outfit Ideas

Now that you've determined what type of sporting event you'll be attending, here are some outfit ideas that will give you inspiration!

Be a Superfan: Jersey

If you want to go above and beyond, pick up a team jersey! There are tons of ways to style this item, from pairing the jersey with blue jeans to draping it over a mini skirt. Not to mention, you will look like the biggest fan in the stands.

Keep It Basic: Team Hat

Wearing a team hat adorned with their logo can be a cute and easy way to show some pride. Try pairing your hat with a simple outfit like blue jeans and a white T-shirt to make it pop.

Show Some Pride: Varsity Jacket

A varsity jacket, which includes a wool body and leather sleeves in your team's colors, is the perfect addition to any look. This can keep you warm while giving you a cool factor. You will definitely have other fans wondering where you got your awesome jacket!

Bundle Up: Festive Cardigan

If you are keeping your look a little classier, wear a cardigan that celebrates your team. When you opt for this look, you will have something that you can wear all night, including before and after the game. Select your favorite boutique cardigan and drape it over a neutral outfit to show off its colors.

Now, it's time to get game day ready with these indoor sports outfit ideas! Take some inspiration from these looks, and you will be the most fashionable fan in the stadium. Enjoy the game!

November 13, 2023 — Monica Spruiell