Spring 2024 fashion has wholeheartedly embraced the nostalgic ruffle trend. From the most famous runways to the indie fashion scene, frills have been a staple of this year’s fashion trends, adding a unique flair to countless wardrobes.

If you love ruffles and are curious about incorporating them into your wardrobe, keep reading these fashion tips. Explore how to infuse frills into your personal style and keep your look on-trend.

Ruffles as a 2024 Fashion Trend

This year has seen the resurgence of ruffles. Designers everywhere have taken to this traditional embellishment and reimagined it in various styles—from soft, cascading layers to bold, expressive flounces. Because there is so much variety, it’s easier than ever to incorporate ruffles into your outfits!

Frills are a style statement, and they manage to add an air of playfulness to your look. They’re excellent for those who want to add a romantic touch to their wardrobes without going overboard.

Balance Is Key When Incorporating Ruffles

The key to nailing the ruffle trend is balance. If your top or dress is heavily ruffled, consider pairing it with smooth, simple bottoms in a solid color. This will prevent your outfit from looking busy. Similarly, if you’re wearing frilled bottoms, a fitted top can create a polished silhouette. The secret to mastering ruffles is to give them space to make their statement without overpowering your look.

Choose the Right Ruffle Pieces for Your Style

When selecting a garment with ruffles, keep your personal style in mind. If you like minimalism, a subtle frill at the cuff or neckline of a blouse adds a small detail to the outfit. If you are all about daring fashion, a voluminous ruffled skirt or dress can be a show-stopping piece. Find the perfect garments that resonate with your unique style and comfort level.

Combine Ruffles With Other Trends

The great thing about ruffles is their versatility. You can combine them with other trendy garments and styles to create an unforgettable look. Go monochrome for a sophisticated look, ruffle up your pastels for a soft vibe, or wear frilly florals for the perfect springtime ensemble. Ruffles can even be part of your athleisure wear because so many sportswear brands are incorporating frills into their designs. With the latest ruffled athleisure finds, you can look stylish whether you’re headed for the gym or chilling at home.

Incorporating ruffles and frills into your wardrobe can be a fun and inspirational way to refresh your style. Whether you choose the subtle or the bold, ruffles can add whimsy and elegance for any fashion lover. If you’re ready to add ruffles to your own wardrobe, browse our selection of ruffled pieces at South Boutique. Our Southern fashion boutique provides trendy spring staples like ruffled dresses, tops, and more!

April 19, 2024 — Blake Spruiell