Chances are you've already done your spring closet cleanout, and you're ready to start building your potential outfit options for the spring season. If that's the case, you've come to the right place!

Since you got rid of the items you no longer wear, you have lots of room in your closet to grow. While you don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe, you'll need these essential fashion tips to help you get ready for spring.

Find the Gaps in Your Wardrobe

The first step to setting the stage for your spring style is to find the gaps in your wardrobe. In simpler terms, you should try on what you have and build potential outfits. This will help you determine what's missing from your closet. Thus, you can make a list of what you want to buy. Sticking to your list will help you make informed purchases without aimlessly buying things you don't need.

Get Inspired!

Once you've determined what you like about your existing wardrobe, fill in the gaps with items that match or complement what you already have. The key to cultivating a style that makes you feel confident is knowing your body type—what works for an hourglass figure might not work for a triangle shape. If you're having trouble shaping a defined aesthetic, look to your friends, favorite celebrities, or style influencers who harbor the look you're after.

In addition to people, you can hit the fashion magazines or search Pinterest for popular fashion trends right now. While following trends isn't everyone's cup of tea, you can pull specific elements from a trending look to create your own unique ensemble.

Soft Colors and Light Fabrics Are Essential

The weather turns bright and warm, and your spring outfits should reflect the same thing. Spring is the perfect time to ditch your dark winter hues and opt for soft pastel colors instead. Consider light-wash denim with a pale pink, blue, or yellow blouse and sandals for the perfect spring outfit.

Aside from the colors, your fabric choices should be lighter for the unpredictable weather. Abandon those heavy winter sweaters and trade them in for light cotton shirts layered with stylish jackets. Cute hoodies can also be styled in a way that gives them new life.

Accessories Galore!

Accessorizing is the ultimate way to bolster the rest of your outfit, and they're the best thing to invest in. For instance, you can wear the exact same outfit 10 times with different accessories each time and get 10 different outcomes. With that in mind, you should consider picking out these items to add to your wardrobe:

  • Statement jewelry: Big earrings or necklaces are the perfect way to draw attention to your outfit.
  • Sunglasses: Set off your look with some funky-shaped shades!
  • Handbags: Keep pastel- and neutral-colored bags readily available to switch it up with different ensembles.
  • Belts: Keep a handful of chunky, thin, and printed belts in your closet to pair with jeans, skirts, and dresses.

The Must-Have Styles for Spring

While you probably have relatively different wardrobes for each season, your spring style should include the following must-have items. Out with the old and in with the new!

Classic All-Weather Jacket

A classic all-weather jacket is something you can wear with almost anything. Additionally, it's a good option for wind, rain, and generally cooler days. Consider purchasing yours in a larger size, so you have some additional room to wear something thicker underneath if it's chilly outside.

Different Skirt Varieties

Skirts are the telltale sign that spring is here! There are so many different types of boutique skirts, and you probably don't know where to start. Every woman should have a front-button skirt, a pencil skirt, and a printed skirt, at the very least.

Front-button skirts are super cute and provide a vintage/retro touch to any outfit. Pencil skirts are perfect for a professional setting and look great paired with a button-up top. Printed skirts are your sassy options, and they can either be animal, floral, or another unique print.

Comfortable Jeans

A comfortable pair of jeans goes a long way. You can pair jeans with anything and easily dress them up or down. Depending on your personal style, jeans may or may not be a staple for you. While you might like to have more than one pair in your rotation, at least one is essential.

Printed Dress

Spring is the ideal time for flowy or midi dresses, and you should keep a few different options readily available. Many people prefer wearing dresses rather than a pant and top combo because it requires less planning. While you might think dresses are for dressing up, you can also make dresses your carefree go-to.


A shacket is a combination of a shirt and a jacket, and they're gaining popularity like crazy right now. Shackets appear as a basic long-sleeve shirt, but they have a little bit of thickness to keep you warm when a cold front moves through the air. They make a great outer layer for warmer days or a middle layer for colder days.


Booties are a versatile shoe option for any season, but they're especially popular for spring and fall. Booties are generally comfortable, and they pair well with both jeans and skirts while also instantly transforming a lazy outfit into a stunning one. While a neutral-colored pair of booties go with anything, you can kick it up a notch with a playful pattern or animal print.

Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are the perfect way to dress up any outfit. They pair well with jeans and dresses while also making you slightly taller. They come in many different colors, patterns, heights, and styles, which means there's a large variety to choose from. Even though everyone needs regular sandals for a lazy day, platform sandals add an instant touch of sass to your style.

Although fashion is always changing, these options will never go out of style. Whether you're an avid fashionista or new to the fashion world, these essential fashion tips to help you get ready for spring will aid you in your hunt for spring styles. Check out South's website for an extensive selection that will satisfy all of your spring wardrobe needs!

Spring Is Here! Essential Fashion Tips To Help You Get Ready
April 20, 2022 — Ryan Mercado