The longer days and increasingly hot weather are some of the best things about the summer months, but knowing how to dress is a struggle for many ladies. Whether you’re going to the lake, to the county fair, or a family cookout, you’ll want to look your best and keep cool. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have nothing to wear. Explore these summer outfits that deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Rock All-White

Because dark colors absorb the light from the sun, they can be awfully heavy in the hot weather. With that in mind, you should consider wearing an all-white outfit to stay cool and stylish. Whether you choose white shorts or jeans, you can pair them with a basic t-shirt or an adorable white lace baby doll tank. You may notice people looking at you, but you can’t blame them: you’ll look bright and angelic in your all-white ensemble.

Pro Tip: Although you can wear white shoes to stick with the theme, consider adding a bright heel or sandal for a nice pop of color!

Elegant But Comfy

There’s nothing worse than clothes sticking to you in the summer heat; however, you can prevent that terrible feeling by wearing light, flowy outfits on the hottest days. Sundresses are the best possible option for hot, humid days because they’re typically breathable and loose-fitting. By wearing loose materials, you can avoid the unbearable stickiness and stay comfortable. Fortunately, flowy sundresses look elegant and adorable, making them the perfect choice for all body types.

Pair your favorite sundress with strappy sandals and simple jewelry to dress it down, or chunky heels and statement jewelry to dress it up for a special occasion. Keeping multiple flowy dresses in your closet is the best way to prepare for a summer wedding or a simple barbeque.

Get Sporty

If you enjoy wearing athletic or leisure wear, you should embrace it and get sporty during the summer. Consider wearing lounge shorts and a cropped tank or sports bra with a lightweight jacket and athletic sandals for a cute but comfortable look.

There’s nothing more sporty than adding a hat to your outfit; you can protect your face while maintaining your style with an adorable women’s smiley face trucker hat. If you’re going out for a walk or taking a bike ride, you should throw on a pair of bike shorts and a lightweight, solid-colored tee. Top the outfit with athletic shoes, simple dainty hoop earrings, and your favorite sunglasses.

Matching Sets

The best part of keeping matching sets in your closet is that they’re excellent options when you don’t know what to wear. Whether you prefer pants or shorts, you can find stunning sets that suit your needs and your body. Usually, matching sets come in light, breathable materials and beautiful colors or patterns. Top off the set with open-toed heels and simple gold jewelry for an unbeatable, sculpted look!

Floral Mini Dress

Every woman needs a floral mini dress in her closet; it’s the ultimate option for any picnic, garden party, or summer date night. Bold floral prints are incredible if you want to be the life of the party, but dainty patterns provide a bit of pizazz without drawing too much attention to yourself. Many mini dresses come with long sleeves and off-the-shoulder necklines, while others have a V-shaped neckline with thin shoulder straps. Pair this dress with simple jewelry and platform sandals for a magical yet simple look.

A Pop of Print or Pattern

Aside from florals, there are various prints and patterns that you can rock during the summer months. However, you should make your printed garment pop by pairing it with simple pieces. For instance, you should pair an intensely-patterned skirt or pair of pants with a neutral-colored top and shoes. Cheetah print looks sleek and classy when paired with a white or black top and simple gold jewelry!

The Effortless Outfit

Everyone loves an effortless outfit! Let’s face it; there’s nothing worse than feeling like you have nothing to wear, and everything you try on isn’t working that day. With that in mind, every woman should have an effortless outfit in their closet to turn to when all else fails.

You can start with denim shorts or jeans and pair them with a nude-colored or baby pink tank body suit. This creates an incredibly simple look, and you can dress it up with heels and statement jewelry or dress it down with neutral sandals and dainty jewelry. Having various body suits in your wardrobe can save you from those days when everything else fails.

T-Shirt Dress for the Win

T-shirt dresses are the best thing to add to your capsule wardrobe, as they’re extremely versatile and easy to wear. The best t-shirt dresses are lightweight but not see-through and long enough to be comfortable. Pair your dress with white sneakers or sandals for a laidback yet fun outfit!

Keep It Country

Even if you don’t like the classic country style, you can prepare for a special outing with a modern-day cowgirl look. Summer calls for county fairs and country concerts; therefore, you should release your inner cowgirl and break out the fringe! All you need to keep it country is distressed denim shorts, a vintage country graphic tee, a fringe jacket, and boots or booties.

Western Tip: Top off your country ensemble with a cowboy hat and turquoise jewelry for an extra cowgirl touch!

Distressed Shorts and a Graphic Tee

Every summer day doesn’t require an intricate ensemble; everyone needs an outfit to run errands or go out for a simple lunch. You can never go wrong with distressed shorts and a graphic tee! You can kick it up a notch by wearing a cropped tee, tying it up, or tucking the front into your shorts, as it may help define your waistline and accentuate your curves.

With these summer outfits that deserve a place in your wardrobe, you’ll be stylish, comfortable, and cool all season long. When you have ideas on what to wear, it won’t be a constant struggle to figure out how to dress for each summer occasion. Check out South Boutique online for endless summer styles to add to your wardrobe!

Summer Outfits That Deserve a Place in Your Wardrobe
August 04, 2022 — Laine Spruiell