You may or may not have thought about adding leather pants or leggings to your wardrobe, and it’s definitely a personal choice. However, you should make sure you’re trying and buying the best quality before selecting just any pair you find. Not all leggings are equal, and you should know how to tell what makes a great choice. Follow along to learn what to consider before buying faux leather leggings.

Why Wear Faux Leather?

If you want the look of leather without the hefty price tag, you should consider faux leather. Additionally, it doesn’t harm animals in the manufacturing process. Whether you want something easier to wash or more comfortable than genuine leather, you may benefit from wearing faux leather leggings. Leather is in style, but it’s not always the easiest material to find; thankfully, there are a few other fabric types that work well to mimic the appearance of real leather.

What Makes Them Look Less Faux?

Although you want a material besides leather, you may not want them to look faux. With that said, you should look for a pair with a convincing texture and feel. If the fabric has a rich, grainy texture, it may work perfectly to imitate authentic leather; however, real leather is also smooth and soft. Make sure your faux leather legging selection has a leather-like look and feel before committing to them.

How Will You Wash Them?

You probably already know that real leather isn’t machine washable, but faux leather usually is. That said, you must consider how you’ll wash them before adding them to your wardrobe, as they require special care. Although you probably wash your other clothes in warm water, you must switch the setting to cold for this unique garment. Furthermore, you should turn them inside out before washing to reduce the overall wear and tear on the fabric.

Can You Style Them?

Styling faux leather leggings has never been easier! Believe it or not, you can pair them with almost anything. From your favorite mini dress to a lazy day ensemble, faux leather leggings can add a touch of unique style to your look. If you love women’s boutique leggings, you should consider adding this intriguing option to your wardrobe—they’re a showstopper!

Now that you know what to consider before buying faux leather leggings, you can determine whether or not you should add them to your closet. Regular leggings are great, but they don’t suit every outfit—dress up your style with a stunning pair of faux leather leggings.

January 31, 2023 — Monica Spruiell