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Find your perfect women’s lightweight sunglasses here at South Boutique! Our high-quality shades feature 100 percent UV light protection with glare reduction and removable lenses you can switch with prescription lenses if needed.

These fashionable women’s boutique sunglasses were designed in Australia—and the Aussies know their beach and sun wear! Add some drama to your look with styles ranging from classic cat eye and aviator shapes to bold square lenses that make a statement!

Our women’s lightweight sunglasses are the perfect addition to your arsenal of accessories—in fact, you shouldn’t go outside on a sunny day at any time of year without them! Protect your eyes, reduce glare when driving, and top off your cute outfits with stunning boutique sunglasses. Your eyes will thank you, and your outfit will pop with the addition of this essential item. Shop South Boutique’s collection of lightweight removable lens sunglasses today!