Time to bundle up! Regardless of where you live, the winter months bring seasonal changes that make you want to get cozy! Here are three types of sweaters to help you stay warm in winter.

Hooded Cardigan

Did you know that your body loses most of its heat through your head? Just covering your head can almost instantly make you feel warmer! Cardigan sweaters come in various lengths, falling at the hip, the knee, the mid-calf, or lower. Choosing a hoodie cardigan gives you the chance to dash outside, throw the hood over your head, and make a quick run to the corner market.

A hooded cardigan’s versatility lets you wrap it tightly around you with the hood on when the wind comes up. But you can also drop the hood and open the sweater a bit to show a cute print top underneath when the sun comes out.

Cable Knit Sweaters

A cable knit sweater is a classic style for any casual winter occasion. Cable knit sweaters tend to be thicker, which means that they warm you up effectively. They come in a range of styles. Some are subdued and preppy, while others are trendy and nubby with dolman sleeves or dropped shoulders.

V-Neck Sweaters

A V-neck sweater exudes elegance. You can add a lovely pendant necklace and a matching cardigan for extra warmth when you wear one. If you’re going outside, you’ll want to add a scarf to fill in the neckline or layer up with a lightweight knit turtleneck, a collared Oxford shirt, or a crew neck t-shirt underneath.

Fabric Matters

A sweater won’t keep you warm unless it’s made of warm, quality fabric. Of course, wool is the go-to material for all kinds of warm sweaters. It wicks moisture well, keeping your inner layers dry. And did you know that silk is a great insulator? That’s why it’s ideal as a base layer under your favorite cozy sweater.

These are three types of sweaters to keep you warm in winter. As you can see, they don’t have to be frumpy to keep you toasty. You can find all kinds of cute designs in our selection of women’s boutique sweaters, from hoodies to sweaters with attractive graphics to cowl- or crew-necked pullovers that’ll keep you warm and stylish.

November 19, 2021 — Ryan Mercado