As the weather changes, so does your outerwear wardrobe. We all love a good puffer jacket—so cozy—but it’s not the first garment most of us think of when we think of fashion. But don’t give up on looking trendy just because you’re dressing for colder weather: there are so many interesting ways you can style any puffer jacket this winter to stay both warm and stylish.

Complete Your Look With Contrast

Puffer jackets are, well, puffy. When you’re looking fluffy on top, look sleek on the bottom. Pair your puffer with leggings or tight jeans. Bookend your look with clunky, chunky, platform sneakers or thick-soled boots.

Add a Pop of Color

A crossbody bag in a bright color against a neutral puffer in black, beige, or grey ups your style instantly. The same is true for a colorful, patterned scarf. Add a neon turtleneck to back up our puffer from the inside.

You could also change it up by choosing a brightly colored puffer in red, pink, or green. You could even choose a floral print paired with black trousers or a grey or black pencil skirt and opaque tights. For a more glamorous look, choose a metallic or shiny patent leather puffer.

Pop Your Puffer Over Your Sweats

People who have been working from home for over a year and who may do so permanently have begun building impressive collections of “athleisure” wear. Puffers go perfectly over stylish sweats. Don your favorite pair of sweatpants, or wear a hoodie under your puffer with the hood hanging over the neckline onto your back. Add your favorite sneakers and a watch cap, and you’re set to look cool while staying warm.


We’ve already mentioned bags, scarves, and watch caps, but winter accessories also include earmuffs, belts, and gloves. Your pants can even “accessorize” a short, waist-length puffer when you choose leggings or jeans in animal prints or plaids.

We’re sure you can think of even more interesting ways you can style any puffer jacket this winter. Stay warm as you get creative with your boutique jacket look!

November 12, 2021 — Laine Spruiell