Hi girls, how are you today? It’s officially September, and that means our favorite season is approaching. Autumn is incredible for so many reasons. The various hues of brown, orange, yellow, and crimson are something to marvel at. And course, all those delicious pumpkin spice lattes only come around once a year. But the biggest joy of all is the fashion choices. And we’ve got four articles of clothing every woman needs in their closet this fall.

Anything Suede

You can’t go wrong with anything suede. Suede and fall go hand in hand, and you’ve already made your wardrobe 10 times better by making this investment. You can choose between suede shoes, jackets, or even a blouse.

If you want to make a real statement, you might want to go for the suede jacket. With the jacket, you can dress up or down your outfit and give off an authentic fall look. Depending on what you’re wearing underneath, it’ll be like night and day when you take it off or put it on.

Retro Jean Jacket

To keep the jacket theme going, pick up a hip and trendy retro jean jacket. Denim will never go out of style, so you’ll never wonder if this purchase was worth it. You’ve made your wardrobe more relevant and attractive with this casual article of clothing.

We recommend having a couple of different styles for jean jackets. You can wear a fitted jacket or an oversized one. Oversized screams fall, and it’s definitely cozier. On your way out the door, stop and grab your jacket to complete any outfit.

Beautiful Booties

What’s fall weather without a beautiful booty? And you can never have too many booties. There are so many designs and styles to choose from. You can purchase a dark or light suede bootie if you want to keep the suede theme going. Or you can pair your outfit with a black leather or snakeskin bootie.

Turn your shoes into a statement. You can step out with an all-black outfit and a maroon snakeskin bootie to make heads turn. Another plus, booties are so versatile that they can look professional, formal, or casual. Make sure you get a pair of round and pointy-toe ones for more diversity.

Oversized Sweaters

Fall is about comfort, and an oversized sweater is the definition of comfort. Get an oversized sweater in every fall color and material. You’ll want to have knitted, cashmere, wool, and of course, cotton. If you can get one of each in these materials, then you’ve covered more than half of your wardrobe.

Consider purchasing a few oversized sweaters for loungewear and going-out attire. Being cute and trendy in private is equally important as in public. Sometimes a girl wants to curl up on her couch in a gorgeous, comfortable sweater, looking cute, enjoying the quiet life.

Don’t wait too long to incorporate these four trendy articles of clothing into your wardrobe this fall.

October 17, 2022 — Monica Spruiell