Although you may think it's too early to start planning your holiday outfits, the festivities will sneak up on you quickly. You want to look your absolute best for Christmas parties, office cocktail parties, and New Year's Eve bashes, so you should start deciding which style you want to rock. Whether your gatherings are formal or casual, explore this quick guide to finding the perfect holiday dress before deciding on the best dress for you.

Christmas Parties

Christmas is the one time of year it's acceptable to wear the traditional holiday colors; therefore, you can opt for a dress in a green or red hue to appear fun, festive, and cheery. As far as the style, consider the event and the crowd—sweater dresses may be suitable for a family celebration, but a cocktail dress might work best for formal outings.

Because you'll likely be mingling and chatting with others, you should choose a dress that you're comfortable and confident wearing. Don't forget to bring a cardigan or shawl to cover up if you get cold.

Office Parties

Office parties present an opportunity to let loose and spend quality time with your coworkers. However, you probably shouldn't choose a dress that violates your company's normal clothing guidelines. With that in mind, consider something that's classy yet stylish—you want people to focus on what you have to say rather than how little you're wearing. Neutral colors are the best option for office parties, unless your boss says otherwise, and showing very little skin is a good rule of thumb.

New Year's Eve Parties

New Year's Eve parties are where you can have a lot of fun with your outfit, so be sure to choose something cheery and beautiful! Even if you don't normally dress up, you can use this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and wear something bright, form-fitting, or sparkly. New Year's Eve is your time to shine, and your outfit should reflect your confidence going into the new year. Get glamorous for this sparkly holiday and celebrate the past year, the present moment, and the future ahead.

With this quick guide to finding the perfect holiday dress, you're ready to start your search for outfits that suit the upcoming holiday celebrations. Check out our online women's dress boutique if you're looking for a specific style or simply need inspiration to start building your holiday ensembles or fabulous work outfits. No matter what you choose, put your best foot forward this holiday season!

October 17, 2022 — Blake Spruiell