Everyone loves the oversized sweater style, but it’s often challenging to style it properly. If you’ve ever bought one that looked super chic on the boutique model but didn’t turn out the same way for you, it’s time to try a different technique! Learn five creative styling tips for oversized sweater outfits.

Wear Figure-Hugging Bottoms

When it comes to wearing oversized tops of any kind, a rule to live by is keeping your bottom half looking more fitted. Consider sticking with well-fitting jeans, dress pants, or leggings to accentuate your curves and give your legs some shape.

Tuck It In

Another way to prevent yourself from looking like you’re swimming in your sweater is to tuck it into the front of your pants. The best way to do this is to tuck deeper than you want and gently pull the excess out until you reach your desired look. While it’ll still look oversized, tucking your sweater gives you a bit more shape.

Put On Unique Shoes

Your shoe choice goes a long way when it comes to adding the perfect flair to an otherwise lazy-looking outfit. Top off your ensemble with a pair of neutral heels or booties for a more formal look. On the other hand, you can take things up a notch by adding a textured or animal-print shoe!

Think About Sassiness vs. Frumpiness

There’s a fine line between sassy and frumpy, and you don’t want to be on one of those sides. While ordering up a few sizes will give you an oversized look, the sleeves of such a sweater may look way too long and clumsy. This can put you on the frumpy side.

Instead, look for trendy women’s sweaters that are oversized on purpose. This way, the sleeves will fit your shoulders and arms properly, leaving you looking sassy and fabulous.


With an oversized sweater, you can dress up or dress down. A surefire way to build an outfit for a formal outing is to add some jewelry. Consider adding a long statement necklace to bring your ensemble together. Another cute look is one that pairs a dainty necklace with dangly statement earrings.

While building the perfect cozy and stylish ensemble isn’t always the most straightforward task, these five creative styling tips for oversized sweater outfits can make it easier. Check out South Boutique for a wide variety of clothes and accessories to set your style on fire!

March 21, 2022 — Ryan Mercado