Although springtime is the start of warmer weather, it may not be quite warm enough for shorts and tank tops yet. You may keep a large variety of heavy sweaters in your closet for winter, but you’ll probably overheat wearing these in the spring. Seek out light, breathable fabrics like pure cotton for a garment you can wear through the warmer days and cold snaps that come with the new season.

Whether you need something to pair with your light-wash mom jeans for a chill weekend or you’re dressing up for a date, there’s a perfect option for you in the five best types of stylish sweaters for the spring.


Cardigans are an absolute staple for your spring wardrobe. Not only are they adorable and trendy, but they’re incredibly versatile, making them an amazing addition to any spring outfit. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, a cardigan can be the perfect lightweight outer layer on the warmer days or a middle layer on the cooler days.

Another reason to keep this cute garment in your closet at all times is that they’re super easy to dress up or dress down. Whether you’re heading into work or out to a casual lunch with friends, you can use your cardigan to build an ensemble for any occasion! They’re excellent to wear over a simple T-shirt with jeans or shorts, and you can even wear one over a floral dress if you get cold easily.


While it’s not a style you see every day, a short-sleeved sweater is a unique garment that’s sure to make you feel fabulous! It’s the perfect option for spring because the weather often isn’t warm enough for T-shirts or cold enough for a heavy crew neck.

Sleeveless knit sweaters can make you look and feel absolutely incredible! These are great for dressing up an outfit for a date night or formal function. Not only will you look like you stepped right out of a magazine, but you’ll also receive plenty of compliments on your unique fashion choice.

On the other hand, short-sleeved sweatshirts are great for a relaxing day around the house, taking a walk outside, or even a session in the gym. It’s a cozy top that makes you look and feel like you’re ready to take on an intense workout or a relaxing day on the couch.


Off-the-shoulder sweaters make for an exceptional spring outfit. If you’re looking for a style that’s both cozy and sassy, look no further! You can show off both shoulders or just one for a perfectly feminine, edgy look.

For a cozy, free-spirited look, choose an oversized off-the-shoulder sweater. You can wear it with your favorite pair of ripped blue jeans for a casual event or with some comfy, high-waisted leggings for a movie date or night in.

On the other hand, a form-fitting off-the-shoulder sweater pairs perfectly with a suede skirt or dress slacks for a formal event or a day in the office.

Cropped Styles

While you may be unsure about trying a cropped style, they’re one of the most trendy women’s sweaters! They’re lovely for spring because you can show a little skin while also staying warm. Not only are they super cute, but since they fall above your waist, they also work to accentuate your curves and make your legs appear longer than they are.

The best part is that you can create an ensemble with a cropped sweater for any occasion. Pair it with high-waisted jeans or leggings and booties on a chillier day, or you can wear it with shorts and platform sandals on a warmer day.

Cropped hoodies are also an excellent option for the spring season. While they offer more warmth than a cropped long-sleeve shirt, cropped hoodies are more breathable than regular hoodies.

If you’re unsure about showing some skin, you can also wear a cropped sweater on top of a bodysuit for a supercute layered appearance.

Lightweight Knits

Some knit sweaters are difficult to wear during winter because the gaps in the yarn tend to let in too much air. However, this is a perfect option in the spring! You’ll want a breathable, lightweight knit so that you don’t overheat, but it’s still warm enough that you won’t freeze during a cold snap.

The versatility of this garment makes it one of the five best types of stylish sweaters for spring. Like many of the other styles on this list, you can transform a lightweight knit sweater into an outfit for any occasion or event under the sun. Here’s a list of some of the best options to pair it with for a complete ensemble:

  • Ripped jeans and booties
  • Leggings and combat boots
  • Dress slacks and heels
  • Jean skirt or shorts and wedge sandals

Not only are there so many ways to dress up this sweater style with bottoms and shoes, but you can also accessorize it in different ways to create new looks. For example, add a statement necklace or earrings to produce a unique but cozy glamourous appearance. On the other hand, a small, dainty necklace gives you a minimalist look.

As you prepare your wardrobe for spring, consider adding one (or all!) of these stylish sweater options to your closet. While you may typically purchase sweaters in neutral colors, spring is the perfect time to try a new color outside your comfort zone! Pastel pinks, blues, and yellows are trendy color options for spring clothing and accessories.

While you may have the urge to wear T-shirts layered with jackets over them all spring, do yourself a favor and get some breathable, lightweight, stylish sweaters to tide you over until the heat of summer calls for tees and tanks.

Although many people overlook the beauty of spring, you can embrace this warm but breezy season with some of the most unique and colorful sweater styles. Visit South Boutique online for an extensive selection of cute, cozy, and sassy spring sweaters that are calling your name!

The 5 Best Types of Stylish Sweaters for the Spring
March 21, 2022 — Ryan Mercado