Regardless of whether it’s your very first day of high school or your final first day of college, dressing the part sets the tone for your entire school year. Many say that dressing for success actually increases your overall productivity, and first impressions are everything. Delve into these ways to put together classy back-to-school outfits and start the school year strong.

A Pleated Skirt and a Cardigan

Although pleated skirts and cardigans are the typical selection for school uniforms, you can incorporate them into your personal style with ease. For instance, a plaid pattern with shades of pink, blue, and white paired with a white cardigan is the ultimate way to turn the traditional schoolgirl look into a sassy-but-classy ensemble.

Plaid Pants and a Neutral Shirt

While you might not think dress pants are the right option for school, they can simultaneously make you feel professional and fabulous. Basic gray and black plaid pants never go out of style! Pair them with a black shirt of your choice and your favorite dress shoes for the cutest simple, classy outfit.

Pro Tip: Dress pants that narrow at the ankle look sleek and effortless!

A Corduroy Skirt With a V-Neck Tee

A corduroy skirt is the most adorable addition to any wardrobe, and it makes for the cutest retro-looking outfits. Whether it’s a neutral color or a bold one, you can balance the look with your top. For instance, wear a neutral v-neck tee with a bold-colored skirt or a bright-colored tee with a neutral-colored skirt.

Black Jeans and a Spunky Top

If you don’t like wearing dress clothes, this is the ultimate option for you. Believe it or not, you can create a classy outfit that includes jeans. Start with your favorite black jeans and pair them with a bold-colored or patterned blouse. Top the ensemble with chunky heels or comfortable flats.

Dark Wash Denim With a Neutral Blazer

Once again, you can make jeans look classy with the right outfit. Start with dark wash denim free of holes and frays, and pair them with a neutral blazer and nude heels. Add some simple gold jewelry to take it up a notch! This outfit makes you look put together, but it’s not too cool for school.

Modest Dresses for the Win

Many ladies choose not to wear dresses to school to avoid having to sit a specific way all day, but wearing a modest midi dress is the perfect solution. Dresses can be problematic because they are typically more revealing; however, a solid-colored high-collared midi dress is an excellent option for school.

With these ways to put together classy back-to-school outfits, you’ll be ready to take on the new school year. Stocking up on different jackets is one of the best ways to create fresh outfits using your capsule wardrobe. For a wide variety of boutique jackets, visit South Boutique online.

July 19, 2022 — Ryan Mercado