Wedding season is in full swing, and you might be feeling like you have nothing to wear to the countless ceremonies and receptions. If it seems like all of your friends are getting married this year, you probably have invitations taking up your entire fridge, no free Saturdays for the rest of the summer, and doubt about your attire. Check out the dos and don’ts of wedding guest fashion to ensure you dress your best for every event.

The Dos

Consider the Dress Code

Believe it or not, some couples will set a dress code for their wedding. Regardless of whether you agree with that, it’s your duty as a guest to respect their wishes and follow the dress code for their big day. If the couple makes that decision, the invitation should specify the attire expectations—sometimes, it’ll be as simple as wearing a specific color or style.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Even though dressing up calls for dress shoes, you’re not obligated to wear uncomfortable heels that are tough to walk in. In fact, purposefully choosing comfortable shoes is the best decision for a wedding guest. You’ll be able to enjoy the day and dance the night away when you opt for comfortable shoes.

Pro Tip: Wear flats or sandals for the entire day, or bring extra shoes to change into if you want to wear heels for the ceremony and photos.

Cover Up

Summer is the time to show a little skin, but showing too much at a wedding can pull focus away from the bride. With that in mind, don’t go over the top. Remember that weddings are family events, and you don’t want to dress inappropriately. If you would wear it out to the bar or club on a Friday night, you probably shouldn’t wear it to a wedding.

The Don’ts

Wear White

Unless it’s a specific request from the couple, do not wear any shade of white, cream, or ivory. Everyone should know this is the golden rule of any wedding, but white is solely for the bride. Don’t steal her thunder or take the focus away from her on her big day.

Go Too Bold

Weddings aren’t the right time to try out new, bold patterns. If you wear a bold animal print dress or another bright outfit, you might find yourself the center of attention. Even if you like the attention, someone else’s wedding day isn’t about you. Switch it out for something less eye-catching and save the bold attire for another event.

Wear Jeans

Unless the event is incredibly casual—meaning the groom is wearing jeans—it’s never acceptable to wear jeans to a wedding. It can be considered disrespectful, and you’ll be underdressed. If you’re not a dress person, you can opt for dress pants or a skirt with a nice top instead.

The dos and don’ts of wedding guest fashion can help you decide what to wear to all of the upcoming weddings this season. Rather than skipping them altogether, check out our online women’s dress boutique or ask a fellow attendee for advice when you don’t know what to wear to a wedding.

July 13, 2022 — Monica Spruiell