Blazers and jackets are essential wardrobe items. Jackets keep you warm and protect you from the elements, while blazers top off an outfit or serve as centerpieces all on their own. Some classics never go out of style, while other versions simply evolve or circle back after a few years. Check out these six women’s blazer and jacket styles making a serious comeback.


Fringe is all over the place. It’s in skirts and formal dresses. Now, even jackets are participating in the trend as well. Popular during the hippy days of the ’60s and ’70s, fringe is creating interest, movement, and fun in jackets today. You’ll find fringed leather jackets. But it can also appear in softer stylings, such as wool or silk wrap-style blazers held together with a fringed sash.

Styling Tips for Fringed Blazers and Jackets

  • Don’t overdo it. Wear a fringed jacket over a sleek sheath dress, a pencil skirt with a t-shirt or blouse, jeans, or leggings. Fringe creates lots of movement, so wearing fringe over fringe can get too visually confusing.
  • For evenings, you can choose a more formal-style fringed jacket in black. Then, you can throw it over a glittery top.


Could there be anything more timeless than leather? Leather and faux-leather jackets are back. But this year, leather blazers are also popular. This time around, leather jackets are oversized—think a blazer that hangs down to mid-thigh or a roomy bomber-style or motorcycle jacket. Beyond black and brown, you’ll find a few colorful choices to add some pop to your outfit.

Styling Tips for Leather Jackets and Blazers

  • Leather communicates luxury, which is why it works well with casual jeans and white t-shirts.
  • Leather blazers can go over jeans or sheath dresses. They also work with pleated, patterned, or pencil skirts. The leather is a statement in itself, so choose the rest of your outfit to acknowledge that the leather blazer is the star of the show.


Since it’s another classic fabric, denim spends most of its time as jeans. However, the denim jacket is a wardrobe staple. Newer versions for 2022 come as blazers or cropped designs. A denim blazer fits over dresses or trousers, while cropped denim jackets look cute over cropped tops or tucked-in t-shirts.

Styling Tips for Denim Jackets

  • We’ve all been wearing denim jackets for so long that you probably don’t need a lot of styling advice. Pair the classic jean jacket with leggings or casual skirts.
  • Denim blazers are new for 2022, and you may not have worn one before. They’re great toppers for casual or professional outfits, as they go with everything from jeans to skirts and blouses. Wear them just as you would a classic navy blazer with nautical-themed buttons from decades past.


Blazers are big for 2022, and like many other things, they’re oversized. A blazer can pull together jeans and a t-shirt, trousers and a blouse, or belted dresses with style. The oversized trend means you’ll want to choose a blazer in a solid, neutral color because its size is the statement.

Styling Tips for Oversized Blazers

  • Don’t drown yourself in an oversized blazer, especially if you’re petite. Pay attention to scale. A blazer that’s standard for a taller person may be large enough for you.
  • Keep what’s under the blazer sleek so that there’s a contrast in the volume of your outfit. It’s okay to add one or two accessories, such as a belt or a pendant necklace.
  • Pair a structured oversized blazer with casual sweatpants. This style is sort of the fashion version of the mullet hairdo (business in the front, party in the back) but with the business appropriateness on top and Zoom meeting sweatpants on the bottom.


An oversized buttoned shirt and a denim, linen, wool, or leather jacket merge to become a “shacket.” Great for cool days, the shacket serves as both outerwear and your outfit’s top. There’s a wide variety to choose from, including shackets with decorative studs, rivets, fringes, or embroidery.

Styling Tips for Shackets

  • Shackets are pieces that are pretty firmly casual. Pair them with jeans or leggings for everyday outfits, but don’t wear them for work or evenings out.
  • If you opt for a bedazzled version of a shacket with lots of studs, beading, or embroidery, keep your bottoms simple by avoiding loud prints. Stick with solids for your leggings or skirt.


In recent years, the puffer jacket has become ubiquitous. Originally bulky and hard to pack, puffer jackets can now have reduced bulk without sacrificing warmth. Newer puffer jackets are sleek and easy to put in small spaces, and some even stuff into their own little travel pouches. At the same time, there are also intentionally oversized puffer jackets for those who like that look.

Styling Tips for Puffer Jackets

  • There are so many ways to style puffers that we actually have a whole blog on the subject! For now, remember that puffers are available in many colors, so you might want to keep several in your closet.
  • Puffers are another essentially casual piece. Throw one on over sweats, jeans, or leggings to stay warm in winter.

Fashion trends come and go, but blazers and jackets are always necessary. The only thing that changes about these wardrobe essentials is the specific style.

But because fashion is so cyclical, you shouldn’t toss your older blazers and jackets. It’s a virtual certainty they’ll come back in style in a few years. In fact, ask your parents if you can rummage around in their closets—you may just find a vintage fringed leather hippie jacket, a ’90s leather jacket, or a classic blazer with big shoulders from the ’80s that you can rock as your oversized version of the blazer trend.

Take inventory of your own wardrobe to see what you have in there that will work this year. Odds are, you’ll find a denim jacket and a puffer. If so, then you can add a studded shacket, or a cropped button-up jacket, to your wardrobe for some fun variety.

Now that you’re familiar with six women’s blazer and jacket styles making a serious comeback, you should check out our collection of women’s blazers and jackets. We’re sure you’ll find a shacket, puffer, cropped piece, or faux leather item that’s right for you. Remember that you’re the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to what styles, colors, and fabrics work for you!

6 Women’s Blazer and Jacket Styles Making a Serious Comeback
February 03, 2022 — Laine Spruiell