Weddings are one of the most popular formal events during the spring and summer months, and you might have more than one invitation on your calendar. It’s an honor to be on someone’s guest list because it likely means you know them well, but that doesn’t make it easy to choose the right outfit. Even though it may seem like wedding guest attire options are limited, it’s less definitive than you think. If you’re unsure what you can and can’t wear to an upcoming wedding, follow along to learn whether you can wear a romper to a wedding.

Consider the Venue

The venue is one of the first things to consider when it comes to choosing your outfit. For instance, a romper may be an appropriate choice for a small, outdoor wedding or a barn venue. On the other hand, a floor-length evening gown is better suited for a ballroom venue. If you’re unsure about the location, ask other invited guests or look it up online to check it out beforehand.

Look at the Invitation

Often, the invitation will express a specific dress code for guests to follow. If it states formal attire or black tie, you should consider an evening gown. On the other hand, semi-formal and casual dress codes are the perfect opportunities to wear a romper. If the invitation doesn’t state an expectation for guest attire, you’ll have to use your own discretion or ask other guests for their thoughts to ensure you dress accordingly.

Think About the Couple

The couple is another great indicator as to whether it’s acceptable to wear a romper to their wedding. The groom usually doesn’t care much about what guests wear, but the bride might have a few thoughts. If the bride is a formal person who always dresses up, you should stick to formal dress attire. However, if the bride is casual and laidback, wearing a romper to her wedding probably won’t be a huge deal. It’s the couple’s big day, so think about them as you make your choices.

Keep It Modest

Rompers aren’t always the best choice for weddings as some are a bit revealing. Whether it’s too short or shows too much of your chest, a revealing romper isn’t a good option for weddings. After all, the attention should be on the couple, not you. That said, be sure to keep it modest. Use your own discretion when it comes to modesty for weddings, but don’t be afraid to ask for someone else’s opinion.

Now that you know the instance in which you can wear a romper to a wedding, you might consider adding a few women’s boutique rompers to your wardrobe. Wedding guest attire depends on each couple, venue, theme, and other factors, so be sure to use various context clues when deciding on your outfit.

April 27, 2023 — Monica Spruiell