Although many people think it’s more difficult to pack for a week, deciding what to bring for a weekend trip is much more challenging. Because you have more space in a large suitcase to bring whatever you need, you don’t have to decide on everything in advance. However, weekender bags only have enough space for a day or two’s worth of stuff. Follow along to learn what to pack for the perfect weekend getaway.

Casual Denim

A pair of jeans is one of the best items to throw in your weekend bag, as they work for almost any outfit, location, and occasion. While you can most likely get away with packing only one pair of jeans, you can bring two if necessary. You never know when you’ll need a change of clothes, and denim is one of the most reliable options when it comes to bottoms.

Neutral-Colored Tee or Tank

Neutral colors are key when you’re only packing enough for the weekend. Because you’re not going to be away for more than two or three days, you should avoid packing intricate outfits—your plans or the weather could change unexpectedly. Instead, pack a few neutral-colored tees or tanks to ensure you’re ready for anything. Although this might seem boring, dressing simply for a few days is much better than wearing mix-matched garments.

Comfortable Shoes

Shoes are some of the hardest things to pack, especially for a weekend. You don’t always know your plans, and shoes can make or break an outfit. For instance, you could wear a white scoop-neck tee with light-washed denim and women’s boutique booties for a relatively classy outfit. On the other hand, this same outfit with sneakers gives a more casual appearance. While you should bring both casual and dressy shoe options, make sure they’re comfortable enough to walk in for extended periods.

Leggings or Lounge Pants

If you don’t have room in your bag for thick pajama pants, consider bringing a pair of black leggings or lounge pants. You may not think you’ll want them, but there’s nothing better than comfortable pants for the ride home. Whether you sleep in them or wear them on the way home, leggings are a necessity, even for quick trips.

Now that you know what to pack for the perfect weekend getaway, you can focus on the bigger details of your trip. Going away for a weekend is great for relaxing, but deciding what to bring with you is always the biggest struggle.

May 02, 2023 — Monica Spruiell