Jumpsuits came back big starting in about 2018, and they were still present on fashion runways for fall and winter outfits for 2021. But some people avoid this fashion statement out of concern that it won’t flatter their body type. Additionally, jumpsuits can seem too difficult to accessorize.

There’s also the matter of finding a good fit and style of jumpsuit out of the numerous options available. And let’s face it—one of the first things you think when considering purchasing a jumpsuit is, “How am I going to go to the bathroom in this thing?”

Fear not; we have tips on how to wear a jumpsuit like a true fashion expert. Read on and learn how to style a jumpsuit for any occasion.

Match Your Body Type

Tall women look great in wide-leg jumpsuits that flow to the ankle. Petite or shorter bodies can become overwhelmed in all that flowy fabric. So go for a more cropped, tighter-fitting leg.

The silhouette of a jumpsuit should match your body type. If you’re curvy, you should accentuate your waist with a jumpsuit that narrows in at the midsection and highlight your waist with a belt. Plus-sized ladies can definitely wear jumpsuits. Choose a solid, dark color to emphasize the single, flowing line of the garment. Also, get a stretchy fabric like knit jersey that will glide over your body without constricting you. Select a style that’s not too tightly tailored but not baggy or bulky either.

Regardless of your body type, you should keep proportion in mind. Jumpsuits have a body and legs. They should fit properly without being too baggy or too tight. You can also have a contrast between the top and bottom portions. If the top hugs your torso, its legs can be looser and wider. If the legs are snug, the top can be blousy.

The rise of the trouser part of the jumpsuit is critical. If it’s too short, you won’t be able to sit comfortably, and the garment could create an embarrassing wedgie on your bottom.

If the rise is too long, the legs may bunch up at the crotch as you walk. This is why it’s so important to read size charts, measure accurately, and be willing to send the garment back if it doesn’t fit as expected.

Choose the Right Jumpsuit for the Occasion

A casual day of shopping and running errands calls for a denim or cotton jumpsuit with an elastic or drawstring waist. These jumpsuits are great one-and-done wardrobe options. When there’s dirty work that you need to do, take your inspiration from Rosie the Riveter and choose a snap, button, or zip-front denim or canvas jumpsuit that can serve as a good cover-up to keep you clean. It’ll help you whether you’re doing working in the yard, repairing an engine, or painting.

Conversely, you can certainly wear jumpsuits to formal occasions. Solids in black or jewel tones look elegant, in halter, sleeveless, or long-sleeved versions.

Accessorize Appropriately

Breaking up the onesie-ness of a jumpsuit with the right accessories is a sign you know how to wear a jumpsuit like a true fashion expert. Let’s walk through this.

Accessories for Formal Jumpsuits

Three things are key here: necklaces, bracelets, and shoes. A solid jumpsuit in black or a bright jewel tone looks fabulous with a chunky statement necklace in gold. If you have a thin, athletic build, you can pull off a backless or deep V-neck jumpsuit and accentuate the skin you’re showing with a long pendant worn in the V or turned around to highlight your back. Alternatively, finish off a high-neck jumpsuit with the bracelet version of the chunky necklace.

The leg style of your formal jumpsuit will dictate the type of shoe you want to choose. Extend the look of the long leg with high, thin heels. Chunky heels will deflate the elegance of a wide-leg, formal jumpsuit. Strappy, high-heeled sandals set off a cropped-at-the-ankle jumpsuit style well.

For a shoulderless formal jumpsuit, substitute a metallic belt for a necklace to accentuate your waist while keeping your neckline clear to show off the line of your shoulders.

Accessories for Casual Jumpsuits

Layer a casual jumpsuit with a blazer to jazz it up a bit. For summer wear, add a straw hat or baseball cap. For footwear, choose sandals or sneakers in the summer and ankle boots in cooler weather. Also, don’t forget a cross-body bag or a large tote in a contrasting color or print.

Hair Is an Accessory

Save the updo for the formal events. Wear your hair down with lightweight, sleeveless, or halter-style casual jumpsuits for picnics or ballgames.

When you’re busy and need to focus on work or errands in a casual jumpsuit, a ponytail is a go-to hairstyle.

Consider Grown-Up Rompers

You could go with the jumpsuit’s little sister, the romper, for both casual or formal occasions. Rompers are the short versions of the jumpsuit. Boutique rompers and jumpsuits come in casual, flirty styles as well as shimmery formal ones. They show off your legs and come in halter, V-neck, and backless styles.

What About the Bathroom?

Yes, visiting the ladies’ room in a jumpsuit offers some unique challenges. Before purchasing a jumpsuit, look closely at how you get in and out of it. Does it have buttons, drawstrings, or zippers? Do you have to reach around to the back of it to get it undone? Think about what you’re going to wear your jumpsuit for and where you’ll wear it. Then, consider what sort of restroom you can expect to visit.

The ladies’ room at the movie theater is a wholly different ballgame than the elegant little individual rooms with full-length doors you’ll find at a formal restroom in a posh restaurant or hotel. You’re going to have to undo your jumpsuit and sit down without dipping any part of it into the toilet or allowing it to drop onto the floor.

This can be difficult if your jumpsuit has long sleeves, a belt, or drawstrings. Step away from the commode while you take off the top portion, gather up any dangling fabric, and carefully get ready to sit.

If the idea of being half or completely naked in the type of ladies’ room stall you’re likely to encounter gives you the shivers, choose a jumpsuit that accommodates a cropped t-shirt, tube top, or blouse under it. This will keep your top covered.

The most important accessory that shows you know how to wear a jumpsuit like a true fashion expert is confidence. Choose a jumpsuit style that’s comfortable and makes you feel great, and you’ll rock the trend in style.

How To Wear a Jumpsuit Like a True Fashion Expert


December 21, 2021 — Blake Spruiell