Dressing warm doesn’t mean looking frumpy. We’ve got tips for keeping warm while looking great this winter.

Love Your Layers

Don’t confuse layering with adding bulk. The idea behind layering is to trap air close to your body and hold your body heat. Great base layers made of natural fabrics, like thin wool or silk, that fit snugly are best. For example, top a turtleneck with a collared shirt, a sweater, and a statement coat.

For your coat, it’s worth investing in a quality wool coat that will last over several seasons. Classic camel, navy, red, or black defy trends and should pay for themselves over time. Choose a wrap coat, double-breasted, or a retro toggle-closure coat for some extra interest. A puffer jacket is necessary for more casual occasions. If your winters are milder, you can find many jackets at southern boutiques online to enhance your seasonal style.

For your legs, freezing weather means wearing tights under your jeans or topped by a longer skirt to keep the wind away.

Tend to Your Tootsies

Toes can become chilled fast in cold weather. An important tip for keeping warm while looking great is to invest in a good pair of insulated winter boots. If you’ve kept your Western boots in good shape, this is the perfect time to break them out! Combat style boots look cool with opaque tights and a knee-length coat. You can tuck your jeans into ankle boots for a sleek look. For a bit of fun, add patterned socks to peek over the top of your boots.

Pair Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

Use a suite of winter accessories to add color and style to your look while keeping you warm. A beanie, with or without a bobbly pompom, keeps your head and ears warm. A good wool scarf closes any gaps between your coat collar and neck, while gloves protect your fingers from the cold. Keep in mind that mittens are warmer than gloves because your fingers warm each other up inside them.

Beware of other accessories that can snag or tangle in a scarf or hat. Keep them simple, so you can concentrate on staying warm.

Go Big With a Belt

Belt your statement coat with a substantial, wider piece. Thin belts look flimsy against your layers. A wide belt will keep your coat close to your body, holding the warmth in. It’s a great way to stay stylish while keeping out the cold!

January 03, 2022 — Ryan Mercado