Almost everyone anticipates the summer days when they’ll get to spend time in the sunshine, but it’s not always easy to create a heat-friendly wardrobe for the summer months. Even though you’re probably looking forward to your upcoming lake day, building the ideal outfit is half the battle. Follow along for some lake day outfit ideas that you will love and add them to your summer fashion arsenal.

Swimsuit as a Base Layer

Because you’ll be on the water, you should consider wearing your swimsuit as a base layer. Whether you choose a bikini, tankini, one-piece, etc., your swimsuit is a great addition to any lake day outfit. You can layer your clothes on top of it when you’re not in the water. Then, when it’s time to swim, you can easily remove your clothes and be water-ready in a matter of seconds. Don’t spend time changing in and out of your swimsuit if you’re on the lake for the day.

Try a Casual Sundress

You might be wet or damp for most of the day, so you probably don’t want to wear tight-fitting clothing. However, casual sundresses are some of the perfect choices when it comes to spending time on the lake. Whether you’re lounging on the shore or out on a boat, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable, lightweight sundress.

Pro Tip

Choose shorter sundresses for lake days so that you can stand in the water without getting the fabric wet.

Rompers Are Your Best Friend

Rompers are another fantastic outfit option for lake days, as you can wear them over your swimsuit easily. If you want to be comfortable but look fabulous, rompers are good choices—you can slip it off in seconds to be water-ready, but you can slip it back on just as fast. For those that don’t like wearing dresses, rompers are a great alternative for lake days.

Pro Tip

Consider wearing waterproof sandals with your romper for a worry-free day on the water!

Contain Your Boat Hair

It’s no secret that spending time on a boat can make your hair go in every direction, which can be incredibly annoying. You can contain your boat hair by adding an adorable smiley face baseball cap to your outfit or using a claw clip. Even if you think pulling your hair back will ruin your overall appearance, hats, clips, and other updos provide plenty of cute ways to contain your hair for lake days.

Now that you know some lake day outfit ideas that you will love, you can make the most of the hot summer days on the water. Even if you can’t spend every bright, sunny day on the water, take every opportunity possible to soak up the sun.

June 23, 2023 — Monica Spruiell