You might’ve heard that you can’t wear shorts with heels, but that’s not the whole truth. While it might not be the best idea to pair formal heels with denim shorts, that doesn’t mean you can’t make this combination work in other ways. Summer is the perfect time to show some skin, and you don’t have to ditch your heels doing so. Learning the dos and don’ts of styling shorts with heels can help you build the perfect outfits—follow along to learn more.

Do: Choose Tailored or Silk Shorts

Even though you might not think shorts and heels go together, you can still make it work by choosing tailored or silk shorts. These styles are much more formal and dressy, making them suitable for pairing with your favorite heels. Additionally, you can make this pairing even more convincing and beautiful by choosing nude heels close to your skin tone.

Don’t: Try To Make Denim Formal

While denim shorts are one of the most popular styles for the summer months, they’re not a formal choice, no matter how much you may want them to be. Therefore, don’t try to dress up your denim shorts by wearing pumps with them.

Do: Wear Heeled Sandals

As we mentioned, wearing pumps with shorts isn’t a great option, but you can always choose heeled sandals instead. Whether wedges, chunky heels, or platform sandals, these are all suitable options to pair with shorts during the summer months. Because sandals are naturally less formal than pumps, they look great with most casual outfits.

Don’t: Forget About Boots

Summer is concert season, and boots are one of the most popular shoe choices for concert outfits. With that in mind, don’t forget about heeled boots when building your go-to concert styles this summer. Short boots are the perfect way to polish your look and enhance your shorts’ appearance, whether you choose denim women’s boutique shorts or a linen option!

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of styling shorts with heels, you can make the right choices when building your outfits this season. Shorts and heels don’t always go together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate fun, cute ensembles using both.

July 10, 2023 — Blake Spruiell