Although they started as athletic attire and slowly made their way into lounge wear, leggings are the ultimate staple to have in your wardrobe for almost any occasion. You can incorporate leggings into virtually any outfit, and they’re suitable for all seasons, making them the best bottoms to keep in your closet. Dressing up your comfortable leggings for all occasions is the best way to look stylish with ease, so check out this quick style guide!

Add a Jacket

Adding a jacket or blazer to your leggings and graphic tee can elevate the outfit to the next level. Instead of a lounge outfit, you now have a cute-casual ensemble to wear out to brunch or to run errands. Longer jackets that cover your backside are the best options, and they make your outfit look classy rather than tacky.

Wear Under a Dress

Wearing leggings under a dress is the ultimate way to create a comfortable but classy outfit. Consider wearing bold, patterned boutique pants or leggings under a neutral-colored dress for a unique style pop! You may not want to wear a dress because you have to sit prim and proper to avoid over-exposure, but leggings can help you keep yourself covered.

Choose the Right Shoes

Although you might think shoes are afterthoughts, they’re the difference between a casual, lazy outfit and a classy, going-out ensemble. For example, you can wear a slouchy sweater with leggings and house slippers for an at-home movie night look, but you can wear the same outfit with knee-high suede boots for a classy date night look.

Wear All the Jewelry

Wearing plenty of jewelry is one of the easiest ways to level up a leggings outfit! Consider pairing your favorite leggings with an oversized pocket tee and topping it off with dramatic hoops and a statement necklace for a glam look or a dainty matching gold set for a more casual look.

Dressing up your comfortable leggings doesn’t have to be a chore, and sometimes the smallest additions to your outfit make all the difference. Check out South Boutique online for an extensive variety of your favorite leggings, jewelry, boots, and jackets, and build the ultimate casual-but-cute outfits to rock all year round.

June 21, 2022 — Monica Spruiell