Whether your travel plans were interrupted or you enjoy staying close to home, you can still look fabulous to enjoy your staycation. Believe it or not, you can have some of the most extraordinary adventures when you decide to explore your home state or even your hometown. Just because you stay close to home doesn’t mean you can’t create gorgeous staycation outfits to make your exploration that much more enjoyable.

Prepare for the Weather

Since you’re not going far, the weather should be similar to what it’s like at home. However, you should always expect the unexpected and bring clothes suitable for warm, cold, and rainy weather. There’s nothing worse than being caught without proper attire and being uncomfortable because of it.

The best way to ensure you’re ready for a weather shift is to dress in layers. Consider wearing a stylish jacket over your dress or tank so you can take it off when you get too warm but still have an adorable outfit underneath.

Dress for Your Festivities

Another thing to consider when building your staycation outfits is what you’re doing. For instance, you wouldn’t wear a pencil dress and heels for a hike, and you probably won’t want to eat at a fancy restaurant in hiking boots and a graphic tee.

If you’re attending a festival or fair, consider wearing a vintage graphic tee, neutral-colored biker shorts or light-washed denim, and cute white sneakers. Top off this adorable ensemble with statement earrings, your favorite necklace, and tons and tons of bracelets. As an extra bonus, you can tie a light jacket around your waist for when you get cold.

On the other hand, consider dressing up a bit more if you’re spending time in local museums and high-class restaurants. Consider wearing a bold romper or jumpsuit with platform sandals or heels and pairing it with dainty gold jewelry.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is a must on vacations and staycations. You’ll likely spend an ample amount of time walking, and you can’t enjoy your time when your feet hurt. With that in mind, you don’t have to wear athletic shoes to be comfortable; in fact, there are a variety of sandals, booties, and casual shoes that’ll do the trick.


Walk around the house for a while in your shoes to see if you’ll be comfortable walking in them. If not, switch them out!

Have Fun With It!

The most important part of creating gorgeous staycation outfits is to have fun with them! After all, having a good time is the main purpose of your staycation. Consider adding fun, bubbly touches to your ensembles, such as a smiley face beanie or a bold-colored handbag.

Traveling far away from home isn’t the only way to have a good time, and your ideal adventure might be closer to home than you think. No matter where you go, looking fabulous in your outfits will boost your confidence and set the tone for your staycation!

June 15, 2022 — Blake Spruiell