Let’s say you’ve had a long day at work, but you have evening plans with friends when the clock hits five. You’re ready for a night out on the town, but you don’t want to look like you just left the cubicle. Corporate attire doesn’t look so great at a club or bar, especially when you’re dressing to impress. Check out these steps to transition your outfit from day to night.

Select a Base

Transitioning your outfit from day to night is kind of like making a sandwich. It all starts with the bread! Choose your base first to make it easier to add or remove pieces. Since it’s a day-to-night look, your base should be versatile.

You can never go wrong with a simple black dress. Suppose you’re wearing a black dress under a flannel shirt when running errands or meeting a friend for brunch. When the evening rolls around, you only need to swap out the flannel with a leather jacket, and you’re ready to hit the town! All you’ve done is change one article of clothing.

Swap the Shoes

It’s amazing what a pair of shoes can do for an outfit. Let’s say your base is a jumpsuit. Some are casual, and others are formal. You can wear flats, loafers, or even sneakers with a causal jumpsuit. To transition to your nighttime fit, swap the sneakers for heels or booties. You’ll have legs for days and a glamorous yet comfy outfit for the evening.

Always Accessorize

An outfit isn’t complete without accessories, especially when transitioning from day to night. You might prefer simple jewelry during the day, and then you get blinged out in the evening. Pile on the bangles, necklace, rings, and big hoop earrings! Layering is a big jewelry trend, especially for nightlife. Refrain from adding too many layers of clothing to your outfit so that your bling stands out.

Touch Up Your Makeup

Now that you’re wearing your outfit, let’s focus on that gorgeous face. Some people wear makeup every day, while others save it for special events. If you’re planning a day-to-night outfit, start your day with a simple makeup look. Once the sun goes down, you can add a dramatic smokey eye and shimmering highlight.

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August 04, 2023 — Monica Spruiell