We love Fridays for so many reasons. It’s the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. And more importantly, it’s a laid-back day. Instead of wearing the typical business professional attire, you can come into the office with a laxer look. But there’s a special art to it. Check out our brief guide on casual Friday etiquette and learn what to wear and what not to.

Wear Denim

Denim is always the safest bet when it comes to casual wear because it has the potential to be dressed up and down. Go ahead and find your best-looking jeans for the next casual Friday, but you can’t select any pair.

Jeans still need to be professional and presentable. Refrain from wearing your worn jeans or your designer ripped jeans. Even if they came with a pricey label, they’re not appropriate for the office. Ripped jeans are just a little too casual. And worn jeans that have seen better days don’t belong at your workplace.

Don’t Wear Loung Clothes

Casual wear doesn’t translate to loungewear in an office setting. You can’t wear your exercise clothing or even your relaxed around-the-house clothing. Now here’s the tricky part. Leggings. What category do they fall under?

Well, it’s a no if you pair them with a top that stops at your waist or stomach. However, the look should work for the office if you pair it with an oversized sweater or shirt that stops are a respectable length. However, the oversized top needs to cover your skin.

Show Skin, But Not Too Much

Speaking of skin, feel free to show a little. Casual Fridays during the summertime are the perfect opportunity to show off your arms with a flowy tank top. But the tank should not be too constricting or show off your back.

It’s okay to show skin, but not too much. Make sure your dress reaches your knees or goes past them if you choose to wear one. No dresses or skirts should stop mid-thigh. Don’t wear any strapless tops or tops that show off the straps of your bra. No one at work should know the colors of your undergarments.

Keep It Clean

Whatever you do, make sure everything is clean and smells pleasant, like detergent or fabric softener. Casual Fridays are not an excuse to wear dirty clothing or items with holes and stains on them. Even if it’s your favorite band shirt you’ve had since the 90s, you can’t wear it to the office.

Save it for your errand running days. It’s a much more suitable environment. You can wear a relaxed look, but it still needs to give an air of sophistication. At Southern Boutique, we have the perfect southern-style clothing that falls into the category of casual Fridays.

We’re all about looking the part and wearing appropriate attire. Causal Friday etiquette is our expertise. You never have to stress about what to wear and what not to by following our lead. Visit our website for more information.

August 25, 2023 — Monica Spruiell