Many women avoid wearing shorts, even during the hottest summer months, because they feel they can never find a pair that flatters their body and makes them feel confident showing off their legs. If you are one of these women, do not worry! The following guide will help you answer the question, “What are the best shorts for my body type?” We will help you confidently embrace this summer staple in a fashionable and chic way.


You should look for slim-fitting or exposed pocket shorts if you have an A-shaped or pear-shaped body type. These styling options will balance your body shape and make your legs appear longer. High-rise shorts are also a great option for women with an A-shaped body, helping complement your best features.


If you have a V-shaped or inverted triangle body type, you should find fashion shorts for ladies that make the most of your broad shoulders and narrow hips. A-line and wide-leg shorts will help accentuate your hips and add more fullness to your shape.


If you have an O-shaped or apple-shaped body type, you should look for shorts that create a more defined waistline. Mid-rise, Bermuda, and exposed-pocket shorts work best for your body shape.


Women with H-shaped or rectangular-shaped body types should find shorts that create an optical illusion of an hourglass body shape. Graphic, printed, and pleated shorts are great options that add volume to your lower body and make you look curvier.


For X-shaped or hourglass body types, you can choose between a range of styles. You can wear mid- or high-waisted shorts for a slimmer look or you can show off your natural curves with fitting denim or leather shorts.

When considering the best shorts for your body type, always refer to the guide above for help. At South Boutique, we will help you find shorts that flatter your features and give you the confidence you deserve during summer. Browse our clothing inventory to find the perfect summer outfit!

September 12, 2023 — Monica Spruiell