In the age of the internet, it may seem that most North American girls dress in a similar style. They all seem to follow the same fashion influencers on social media and shop at the same stores. However, this is not entirely true. While overarching trends are dominating the national fashion landscape, regional fashion trends still dictate how girls dress.

For example, people often describe women’s fashion trends in the South as traditional, preppy, minimalist, and country-chic when you ask them. You quickly learn that there is a distinct set of fashion rules guiding a lot of Southern women. These unwritten rules ensure they honor traditional style guidelines while continuing to embrace modern trends. Here are the unwritten rules of Southern girl style that everyone should know.

Embrace Colorful Dressing

While many Southern towns lack the vivacious energy of major cities like New York or Los Angeles, they do make up for it with their colorful dressing. Southern girls often wear bold-colored dresses, jackets, and sweaters that give them a natural cheerfulness and help them celebrate life with the best of them.

While black remains a classic color in the South, you will typically see it act as an accent to a primary color in an ensemble. One glance at a Southern girl’s closet and you will see an array of colorful outfits that instantly lift your mood and inspire you to find your colorful clothing.

Bold Patterns Are Your Friend

Many fashion experts will tell you to stay away from bold patterns if you want a chic and sophisticated style. Well, the unwritten rules of Southern girl style would beg to differ. Most Southern girls embrace bold, striking patterns and wear them throughout all four seasons.

They even wear traditional patterns like seersucker, gingham, and plaid, commonly referring to them as wardrobe staples. Your Southern friends will have something in their closets that helps them stand out from the crowd, whether they like traditional patterns or prefer their patterns on the bolder side.

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Dress

Dresses hold a special place in Southern girl fashion. They are the epitome of femininity, grace, and charm. Dresses are a fundamental aspect of Southern girl style, from sundresses that embody casual elegance to formal gowns that grace special occasions.

Southern culture teaches girls to choose silhouettes that flatter their figures and exude confidence from a young age. The Southern girl knows that a well-chosen dress can make her feel like the belle of the ball, whether she is attending a garden party or an evening soiree.

Accessories Are Never an Afterthought

Accessories are the finishing touches that bring a Southern girl’s outfit together. These pieces add a touch of individuality and flair to any outfit, from statement earrings that catch the light to delicate bracelets that shine with every movement. You can expect to find an array of accessories to fit the majority of occasions in any Southern girl’s closet.

It is an unspoken rule to wear accessories that tell a story or express personal values. A necklace featuring a meaningful charm, or a bracelet passed down through generations becomes a cherished part of the ensemble. Putting on a personalized accessory will help you feel confident and ready to handle whatever comes your way, whether you have a closet full of cute rompers or are more of a t-shirt and jeans type of gal.

Always Wear Footwear With Flair

Footwear is more than just a means of getting from point A to point B for Southern girls; it’s an extension of your outfit that expresses your personality. Every Southern girl should have the following footwear options in her closet:

  • Cowboy boots
  • Colorful flats
  • Embellished sandals
  • Knee-high boots
  • Rain boots
  • White sneakers
  • Nude heels
  • Black heels

With these shoes, you can create a memorable outfit suitable for any type of gathering.

Combine Vintage Charm With Modern Styling

Another way to achieve Southern girl styling is to create a balance between vintage charm and modern sensibilities. While you should always cherish classic silhouettes and timeless pieces, incorporating modern elements prevents your style from feeling outdated. This essential styling tip is for women who want to avoid looking like they were born in the early 1900s.

For example, a vintage blouse paired with contemporary jeans or a modern top with a vintage skirt can create a harmonious blend that captures the essence of Southern girl fashion. The trick is to dress with intention and add creative touches that radiate warmth and tell a compelling story.

Remember Your Game Day Attire

In addition to their everyday attire, Southern girls must pay close attention to what they wear on game day. College football season is a major part of the Southern scene, and what you wear is an essential part of the game day experience.

On any given Saturday at a college campus, you will see women wearing a variety of outfits ranging from casual to formal. While you can wear whatever clothing you want, we recommend choosing an outfit that highlights your favorite team’s school colors and is comfortable enough for three-plus hours of standing. At most college football games in the South, people are on their feet cheering the entire time, and they will expect you to do the same.

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The Unwritten Rules of Southern Girl Style
September 08, 2023 — Monica Spruiell