Spring’s warmer weather and longer days call for shedding our winter coats and embracing warm-weather fashion. The start of spring also means spending more time outdoors and attending seasonal events. Whether you’re on the brink of attending a garden wedding, a rooftop party, or daytime brunch, the question of what to wear remains the same. Keep reading to brainstorm springtime outfit ideas and some key considerations to make when planning your wardrobe for spring events.

Follow Spring Fashion Trends

No matter what springtime event you’re attending, keeping an eye on fashion trends is a smart way to ensure you show up looking stylish. For example, some styles in the 2024 spring fashion forecast are sheer layers, floral patterns, and textured skirts. By keeping up with what’s new in the fashion world, you can tailor your wardrobe to follow suit and stand out among the guests.

Remember To Dress in Layers

We all know spring weather can be fickle when it comes to consistent temperatures and conditions. The key is to dress in layers. For more formal events, a cardigan wrap over a flowing maxi dress can serve as both a style statement and a functional piece. If you’re attending a casual family gathering or meal with friends, pack your favorite leather or jean jacket to layer over your lighter spring styles. Dressing in layers will keep you warm even if the temperature dips or the winds pick up.

Choose Outfits in Spring Colors

Spring is all about reintroducing color into your wardrobe. Soft whites, mint greens, lavender, and classic blush pinks are your companions here. These colors embody the freshness of spring and allow you to blend with most spring event themes and backdrops.

Additionally, a mustard yellow or a dusty rose can lift a look without being too overwhelming. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with timeless shades. But if you feel like taking a stylish risk, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors.

Finish With Spring Accessories

What’s an outfit without the perfect accessories? Spring events provide the ideal canvas for you to don floral earrings, woven hats, and colorful scarves. A metallic clutch or pastel crossbody can help you keep all your belongings with you and add a touch of class to your outfit for more formal events.

As for footwear, strappy sandals and mules are the go-to items for women’s fashion. Ensure that the shoes you pick are not only stylish but also comfortable if the event has you on your feet. Your accessories and footwear can take your outfit to the next level, especially if you choose styles that stand out. Browse unique women’s shoes online at South Boutique. We carry a wide range of styles to suit your spring wardrobe.

By now, your closet should be brimming with spring event potential. You’re ready to step out in your best looks. Just remember these tips for deciding what to wear to your next springtime event. These outfits and accessories aren’t just about looking good; they’re about feeling good and being ready for whatever the season throws your way.

April 04, 2024 — Blake Spruiell