Rompers are incredibly popular in the fashion world for their overall style and practicality. Made with breathable materials that keep women comfortable and trendy designs that make a statement, it’s no wonder that these outfits have a place in anyone’s closet. But, if you’re going to rock that casual romper look, it’s vital that you know how to best tie it together. Here are a few flattering ways to style a casual romper and ensure you’re set up for fashion success.

Go for a Fun Pattern or Texture

One of the most beloved characteristics of rompers is their ability to exude both class and playfulness. As such, casual rompers are easy to style since they come with a variety of different prints. So, if you’re rushing out for the day, throwing on a patterned or textured romper makes for an instant makeover. Just make sure you pick a pattern that suits you. Some prints can appear differently depending on body type, and finding the right one for you is the key to an eye-catching style.

Layer Up With a Blazer

Adding a fashionable blazer to your ensemble is also a flattering way to style a casual romper. Though rompers alone can make for a strong outfit, creating layers to your look can take your personal appearance to the next level. Blazers not only provide a complementary pop of color, but they also incorporate an edginess that showcases your personality.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Another effective technique for bringing out the best in your romper is to combine it with a few accessories. Whether it be a sleek belt or sparkling earrings, accessories have a way of tying a look together and elevating it. As such, it’s important that you choose these items wisely. Try to find things that help emphasize your waist and arms since these are the areas that rompers tend to highlight.

Find the Right Pair of Shoes

Above all, though, you’ll want to purchase the right shoes to wear with your romper. Believe it or not, these clothing items tend to have an elongating effect on the body, drawing the eye downward. Because of this, the shoes you choose are critical to the success of the look. For rompers with long, flared bottoms, heels are a great choice. For other styles, a pair of sparkly flats can be just as impactful.

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November 09, 2021 — Ryan Mercado