With fall in full swing, it’s time to switch up your wardrobe. With any change in season, the weather shifts, and so must your wardrobe. If you’re ready to start displaying your fun fall sense of fashion, check out the dos and don’ts of styling fall outfits. These tips are a great start to learning how to design your perfect autumn wardrobe and getting ready to have a stylish season.

Do Dress in Layers

When you go out in the fall, it’s vital to dress in layers. The weather tends to be very chilly in the morning and generally warms up to a comfortable temperature during the day before returning to colder temperatures at night. You want an outfit that can fluctuate with the temperature throughout the day.

Consider wearing a base layer such as a t-shirt or cute blouse with a cardigan or sweater over it that you can remove and tie around your waist if you get warm. Accessories such as scarves and hats are also perfect for the changing fall weather.

Don’t Ignore the Forecast

When it comes to fall fashion, you really can’t effectively plan your outfit without understanding what the weather will be for the day. Some days, it may be in the low 70s, and other days, it might barely make it up to 40 degrees. Make a habit of checking the weather in the morning so that you know just how warm or cold you need to dress for the day.

Pro Tip: You can even set up some smart devices to tell you the weather at a certain time or with a certain command to make this process easier!

Do Wear Comfortable Clothing

In the fall, the breeze can be a tad harsh, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy! The fall season is the start of the cozy, warm, and cuddly season, and you can dress like it! Fashion can be fun, stylish, and cozy all at the same time.

Invest in some cute and comfy fall skirts. These are perfect to pair with cute fall sweaters and even adorable tees. You won’t wear an outfit more than once if it’s uncomfortable, so really focus on fit and how the piece feels. Make sure you love the fabric, the feel, and the way it fits you.

Don’t Stick To Your Normal Pieces

While your comfort zone is a great place to start with your fall fashion journey, it’s not where you should always remain. Build your base wardrobe with your comfort pieces, then add in a few items of flair to spice it up. For example, if you love midi or mini skirts, stock your closet with them but pair them with a bold sweater or a patterned jacket to build the look a little.

Do Recycle Your Summer Pieces

Before you pack your summer dresses and items away, see if you can incorporate them into your fall looks. You can throw a sweater on over some of your summer dresses or bottoms to create a brand-new fall outfit. While things like tank tops or crop tops might not be salvageable in your fall wardrobe, your skirts and dresses can make a big impact on your autumn style.

Don’t Highlight Summer Colors

While you can still wear bright, fun colors in the fall, it might be best to let the pastels hibernate for the season. Try to stick with traditional fall colors and hues. Orange, brown, red, and beige tones match best with the season. Greens are also a great way to incorporate some pops of color into your autumn repertoire.

Pack away those bright, sunny yellows in favor of mustard and other more muted tones of yellow. Trade pastel pinks for warm burgundies and bold reds. Fall is the time to experiment with a bold, warm color palette.

Do Invest in Timeless Pieces

While buying every single trend you see can be tempting, remember that many of these fads are fleeting. There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence in trends in the name of fashion, but be selective of which trends you choose to partake in. For example, midi skirts seem to be a trend that will last, while bell-bottom jeans might be gone by December.

There are certain clothing types that last a lifetime. For example, a good little black dress is essential and timeless. Investing in a gorgeous warm dress coat is a must. Get a good pair of booties, as these will go with every fall outfit. There are many timeless pieces you can get to last a lifetime in your closet.

Don’t Go All-In on Trends

Invest in pieces that are on-trend for you. What this means is to invest in staple pieces for your closet that feel like “you.” Fads come and go, just like the seasons, but if you truly love a piece, you’ll get much more use out of it than if it were a random trend piece.

Try to find the trends that you can see yourself wearing years down the line instead of just this one season. You don’t want to clear out your closet to make room for 30 trendy tops only to realize their day in the sun was short-lived, and they’ll be outdated by next fall.

Do Think About Your Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Imagine wearing the most beautiful fall dress you’ve ever seen and having to pair it with your gym shoes from high school—a quick way to ruin a good outfit day. Consider what shoes you may need to make your outfit really pop. Consider comfort and style when you choose your shoes for fall. A well-rounded fall wardrobe includes a pair of nice sneakers, cute booties, tall boots, rain boots, and a dressy pair of close-toed heels.

Finding the Pieces You Need

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The Dos and Don’ts of Styling Fall Outfits
November 12, 2021 — Ryan Mercado